Writing a cache vdb


I am trying to render a cache and then using it.

is this the correct way to do it ?



That’s correct andre,
You can have it in-line also, with Passthrough write enabled. This will behave like automatic caching, but write to the path you specify.
If you do any manual caching, remember to disable ‘automatic caching’ on the element node.

With the E_VDBCacheLoader node you can also setup a switch to go between the two.

I realised as well that vdb is a sequence of file, like the i mages, not one big file with the cache inside. So name.####.vdb is the proper sintax.


Oh yes I missed that. You are correct sir!

Can I render the cache in 2 steps ? So , for example, during lunch time I render the cache from 1 to 300 and then on the evening the rest from 301 to 600.

To my knowledge it has to be done in one sitting. I’m unsure what is in the roadmap for cache workflows, maybe Vortechs devs can elaborate.