Velocity node not updationg as expected

This may be user error:
I have an Axis that has two key frames in it’s y rotation. An E_Velocity node follows to get the angular velocity.
Before the first key there are no vectors which is correct because there is no movement.
After the first key I get the expected concentric vectors. However, after the second/last key frames the vectors persist even though the axis has come to a stop.
Wrong expectations, user error or bug?

  • Eddy version
  • Nuke version
  • Operating system
    CEntos 7
  • GPU model
    GTX 1080ti
  • Graphics driver version
  • Is the bug reproducible? Does it happen every time, occasionally, or only once?

Here is my example:

Axis2 {
 rotate {0 {curve x98 0 x100 70} 0}
 name Axis10
 selected true
 xpos -669
 ypos 336
EddyTransformVelocity {
 field_data ""
 light_color {1 1 1}
 name E_Velocity2
 selected true
 xpos -679
 ypos 419