VDBs not really loading,refreshing or rendering

Hello, I’ve finally cached out a long vdb sequence, was about to hit render when I realized the vdb loader wasn’t really loading my files. had to cache to a remote server due to the size of the files but it should read and refresh every frame. sadly, it doesn’t. sometimes it will render but look stutter-y, as if the sim was still for 2 frames at a time, sometimes it just shows up as black and sometimes it just crashes.

Nuke 10.5.2
Windows 7


sometimes i get this too mid-loading or mid-rendering


Hi corey,
It would be good to test if the render is still stuttering without the remote server in the mix, just to rule that out.

I sometimes get this ‘Tuple not implemented error’ also, Nuke requires a restart after. I don’t know if there is a fix sorry, I reported it to vortechs support earlier this year.

Never seen that first crash though.

Hi Corey,

is there a way we could look at the script to understand whats going on ?
It appears that the graph is broken and then the code generation fails. It certainly shouldn’t crash though and would be good to investigate whats going on.


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right. just moved cache files over locally and rendered a preview, still duplicate .vdb frames it seems :frowning: going to re-cache to see if that helps.

for what its worth, make sure you pick a fresh filepath and disable overwrite to avoid accidentally overwriting previously written caches when opening scenes/scrubbing/changing parameters.

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sure thing, here is the script, I have the sim shaped the way I need it and all I need to do now is render the images. https://www.dropbox.com/s/eyxzotebwlx1370/willa_001b_eddy_v09.nk?dl=0

cool thanks Corey. let me know if the caching to a clean location does the trick.
how do you cache out btw ? commandline or interactive ?


just recached into a new location and did a short test, seemed to have worked! fingers crossed for the real thing