TIP: HDRI ball setup

Hi all,
Just sharing a tip.
When working in Nuke/Eddy, I like to visualize my hdri sphere like this. You can work inside it and feel clever.

One of the issues creating a toolset like this is, If you create a Nuke sphere, and connect your HDR image in, the default UVs that Nuke provide on the sphere, don’t lineup with the actual Eddy lighting result. To fix this, I link the rotate.y of the Sphere, to rotate.y on the E_EnvironmentLight (ctrl+drag).

I then open the edit expression window for E_EnvironmentLight.rotate.y and add + 240 on the end. This makes it line up close enough and you can spin the sphere if needed.

I then wrap this up and make a Nuke toolset so I can drop it down all in one go. Here’s the script from the screenshots.

hdri_ball.nk (8.1 KB)

Image is from HDRIHaven, here https://hdrihaven.com/hdri/?h=venetian_crossroads

Cheers all

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