Startframe in Element


Can a start frame in Element be negative , to allow a pre-roll ?



That does seem to work. I’ll be using this if i forget to use higher padding on my projects e.g. 1001-1101 :slight_smile:


It does however write the frames like this when caching, which scares me. So i’d generally avoid it unless using automatic caching I guess.


I see so better starting at 1001.
Maybe that is why I have problem seeing the smoke in the 3D world sometimes.

One of the other common causes for not seeing the smoke in openGL, is the properties pane, and how Eddy draws the data.

Clear out all the items (ctrl+Shift+A) and view the “Density” channel node in your simulation.

Certain visualizers tend to block out others at times

OK. thanks for the tip.

How do you force a refresh you regular cache to cache again ? Is it the Reset button from Element node or The Reset Cache from Render node ?

The Reset Cache button on the E_Render node clears caches 2d frames in the viewer.

The Reset Element Button on E_Element clears the Automatic VDB caching data