Spotlight with rays from Nuke Noise node

Hi all
Here is an example of using the e_image node to create a holdout for use in lighting effects/ rays, gobos etc.

Settings to note:

  • ‘Implicit Feature Size’ on E_shader. This will change the detail of rays and the render time. I try and stay above 0.15
  • ‘Phase Function Parameter’ on e_shader affects the amount of forward or backscatter.
  • The top E_constant, this adds a small negative value to the sdf and may need to be tweaked to get your input values read correctly. Visualize E_merge2(mult) to see this values effect on the light blocking holdout.

Then its just a spotlight shooting through an e_image node. We don’t have axis input on e_image currently, but if you needed this spotlight animated you could expression link the translation and rotations i guess from an axis or spotlight itself.

spotlight_rays.nk (4.3 KB)

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