Some fun with Eddy 3.0

Here’s a quick little test I was doing as an example file to get familiar with Eddys new workflow for rendering now that we have the ability to render hard surfaces and shadow/reflection/interactive light catchers. Tracked in Nuke, with 2 lights. One environment light using the plate with a spherical transform to help stretch the colors around the dome and one area light to scatter red through the volume as it nears the back of the monitor. I love playing the plate with the spherical transform on the environment light as the shift in colors tends to bleed onto the volume. The purple contamination on the volume is the byproduct of playing the movie file as the input of the environment light. Sim time was maybe 7 mins on a 3090, render time was quite a bit longer considering its 250 frames on 1 box. Avg 6-7 mins a frame at HD and 4 bounces with the ray depth. One of the GREAT features is the ability to increase the sample rate in the individual buffers as to not slam the whole render with higher samples if the volume itself is pretty clean but the reflection needs more samples/ For this I left it all default with an exception of increasing the samples on the indirect reflection samples from 1 to 15.