Smoke Render Crashes (High No Emission)

Finally created and cached a few smoke sims for an 800 frame shot and ready to render. My machine has an NVIDIA 1060 with updated driver and it renders slowly but noisely with min/max progressions turned down to 1 but anything above that, crashes the NVIDIA. I’m so close to finishing! Anyone run into this issue too? Is there an Eddy log file? The NVIDIA log file says it’s crazhing so I’m currently uninstalling all drivers and reinstalling. Also, my cache files are huge and left like 37GB left on my drive lol so that may also be a factor?

Hi there,

The 1060 is a fairly low end card to be using for Eddy, but still shouldn’t be crashing if the memory isn’t full.

If its on windows this can help stability in general quite a bit, especially on long renders. Important setting for Windows users - TDR Delay

If you could share the script there may be other factors we can chime in on, feel free to email me that privately to


Thanks so much. I just sent you the script to show you what I have done. Had a lot of fun learning it all. I will also check out those windows settings now.


Just tried the TDR, good suggestion but didn’t work in my case.


Hi Corey,

any chance you can tell us a bit more about the scene itself ? sounds like its rather heavy and there might be some parameters that could help.


It was an odd incident but seems to be working out, I think I overloaded my GTX 1060, so I literally bought GTX 1080 TI last Thursday and should arrive anytime now. But yeah there were hundreds of frames


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