Repo/scaling simulation

other “how-to-do” question.

i have to create a simple fire to place in my shot : the disagrementis camera, scene and where i want to place my fire are not at the space 0.0.0.

*how can i do ? (not using the latest version of Eddy i think.) what element should be place at the proper place ?

*Also scale-wise i obviously have to size up my simulation, what would be the best settings to change (and nuke setup in term of cache/memory) to be able to cache a large sim without crashing ?

many thanks

Hi Grumpy,
You should be able to simulate with Eddy at any world location. Try opening the attached file, its a modified version of the example fire that comes with eddy. With the Axis up the top, you can move all the fields and colliders wherever you need, and the solver will adapt when the simulation is run.

You don’t have to to axis nodes, you can just have the fields placed where you need them individually.
The element node does not need to be moved.

combustion_world_location.nk (7.1 KB)

Scaling up a simulation is quite a large topic and crashes or memory limits could be solved in many different ways. if you had a particular scene you are having trouble with, feel free to send to us here or via email and we can have a look.
I’m hoping to make some ‘tips for optimization’ videos or posts soon, as there’s not much documented on this at the moment.

Nuke defaults are fine for Eddy in terms of cache /memory settings. For GPU, I would recommenced a gtx 1070 or above in the GTX range. Ideally a gtx1080ti. In quadro cards, a p4000 or above.

Hi Matt

sorry for this late reply.
It was very instructive an helpful , again thank you.

I unfortunately can’t send you any script due to a secure network .

concerning setup : it was regarding how fast the memory allocated to Eddy vanish every time we change a settings. I try to understand ( memory-wise) how this whole things work so i can optimize my workflow.

many thanks