Recache frame only


If after 100 frames (sim and render), a frame is wrong (jump in space or other cache issue), is it possible to recache only that specific frame instead of resetting the sim from frame 1 ?


as far as I am aware, it’s not possible at the moment.

HI there, caching a singe frame isn’t possible no.
Was it transforming the sim a little bit for one frame? , this was a bug ages ago i’m worried may have returned.
I’m sure the devs would be interested to see any cache issues if you can write it out or capture a gif if that’s easier. ( I use this often to quickly show issues)

By ‘sim and render’ i’ll assume you are using the automatic cache? Writing out with the e_cache node may be better to do in your case, and then reading the cache back in with the e_vdbCacheLoader to render.
After a manual cache, if there’s issues or crashes, you can re-render the single frame.


Not sure if any of this is relevant to your current issue but there are two idiosyncrasies with auto caching that you may run into:

With auto caching enabled there is a bug that makes the playback fail to display the frame before the most recently simulated frame (this will look like the sim freezes for one frame). This bug will be fixed in the next release.

Also if you run your simulation a few frames with auto caching, then disable it, run a few more frames and then re-enable auto caching again there will be a range of frames in your timeline with no cached data. At the moment the only method to regenerate these caches is to reset the sim and run it again with auto caching enabled.

In general Matt is right - auto caching can be very useful when experimenting and initially dialing in a simulation but once you start running more heavy and final sims it is recommended to use the caching node instead as that gives you full control over the cached data.


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