Quick dust kick up setup

Does anyone put there have a quick dust hit/kick up example? Just a screen grab with basic setup nodes would be helpful. It seems the example that was posted awhile ago no longer exists.

I’m just trying some tests with dropping a beam onto a floor, and can’t seem to figure out the nodes/math setup to get it to react how I expect.

Hi Cam,

sorry for the delayed reply. The old setup you’re referring to was done by one of our resellers, but its no longer available from what I can tell.

I’ve made a setup that can give you some ideas how to best approach this. Its just a bouncing sphere, so this might change depending on what you’re scene looks like.
Main caveat is scene scale and how you’re generating the emission area.
In this case I’ve used some additional nodes to generate a sparsely bounded emission area around the object. This was important as the E_Sphere itself just has one large bounding box and would slow down the emitter.
I cobbled this together quickly, so there might be things in there that I’ve missed, but I hope it gives you an idea and overview how to best approach this.
In general the Max operator on the merge node will give you the intersection between two volumes.
The only thing required is dilating this slightly so you’re actually emitting on the outside of the intersection.

dust_kick_v01.nk (29.7 KB)

Hope this helps a bit.


Hi Christof,
No worries, and thank you so much. Much appreciated.