Quatro vs RTX/GTX benchmark?

Hey guys,

we are testing Eddy now, very exciting and cool stuff you can do with it.
I was wondering if anybody did any test for performance running it on Quadros or Geforce cards?
Is there any benefit in having Quadros?


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Hi Tim,

Its a tricky question as there are many factors playing into this. Eddy runs well on either. Quadro cards have in certain cases more cores and have significant more memory available, which helps when you need to simulate large scale fluids.
For instance a single RTX8000 boasts 48GB of GDDR6 Ram, which is rather impressive. In comparison the RTX Titan 24GB, the Geforce RTX 2080TI 11GB.

I personally have not had the pleasure of benchmarking them against each other, but I’ve seen the high end quadro range in action and its rather impressive. I personally lean towards them, as I prefer as much ram as possible, allowing me to tackle higher resolution simulations.

Note, most cards since the Turing range seem to also allow NvLink bridges ( previously only quadro and tesla range supported this ). Eddy supports this interconnect as well as the slower PCIe route. Memory is shared for multi gpu simulation, but during render-time the buffer is duplicated, so the data will have to fit within a single card. Generally simulations require more data, versus at render-time fewer channels need to be kept in memory. While its possible to share the memory at render-time over all the cards, we found it has too much of a performance impact in most scenarios. Note there is still more work needed on our side to improve scaling for multi-gpu simulations, but rendering scales linearly as there is no inter-gpu communication required.

I am sure other people here might have more experience with the newer cards than myself. I’m running on a M6000 24GB, which allows me to do most things at ease from a memory standpoint.


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I’m on an HP Z8 dual processor, 128gigs of ram, and went from Quadro P5000 to now RTX6000, and got to tell you that its night and day in terms of performance and being able to see your results quicker as you shape the sim. I have also tried dual P5000 and they did not give me the same results. I don’t speak too much on the technical side, just know that as soon as I popped in a single RTX6000 things started to move in front of me rather than caching everything before seeing them.

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