Projection types


a couple of questions about the render node:

  1. why are the projection type settings only exposed in “Automatic” mode (see below)?
  2. can Eddy output an angluar map? The “fisheye 180” doesn’t seem to be the same.
    I am currently rendering a regular (square) image, the using the SphericalTransform node to convert it to angular map. It’d be great to be able to render that directly though to save on render times, filter hits etc.


Hi Frank,

  1. Some of the older render templates are a little out of date, we are planning on re-doing these properly in an upcoming version and the new ones will all have the projection setting. However if you need the projection setting on one of the other templates sooner rather than later, then I can make you a temporary version.

  2. I think the fisheye 180/360 projections are actually what you are calling the angular map 180/360, they are probably misnamed. I tested this by setting the eddy projection to a spherical latitude/longitude map, and then using Nuke’s SphericalTransform node to convert that into a Angular 180 map. That result is identical to setting the Eddy projection to Fisheye 180.

Thanks Niall,
I think in my particular case rendering a cubic map with the “high” setting and transforming it into angular should be ok, so no need to do a special buil, but thanks for the offer.
Thanks for testing the angular output. My test yesterday failed which prompted me to post this, but I will test again and report back.


Just to confirm: the “fisheye 180” setting is indeed the same as Nuke’s angular map, cool.
Looks like I can’t get as smooth a result out of the “automatic” render setting though as I get when I switch to “high”, so I guess I will render a cubic map again and convert after the fact.
No big deal though. Great to know this will be updated!