Plane and Image have different default orientation

This may be by design or an oversight, not sure, but I think the EddyImage node should have the same default orientation as the EddyPlane and the Nuke Card node. At the moment it defaults to the x/y plane when all other nodes default to x/z.

Any opinions on this?


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I would also prefer this.

I’ve been tinkering this morning with custom defaults in, can’t get it to work in this case though, I am pretty terrible at this stuff though. Tried a few things…
nuke.knobDefault(“E_Image.rotate”, “-90 0 0”)
nuke.knobDefault(“E_Image”, “rotate {-90 0 0}”)
Any ideas where i’m going wrong?

the node class is EddyImage, not E_Image, which is just the name in your case. Try this:
nuke.knobDefault('EddyImage.rotate', '-90 0 0')

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that works, and i learnt something :slight_smile:

I’ll go ahead and put this in to the next build.


Great, thank you. this will break backwards compatibility I suppose but it will be worth it IMHO

This missed the 1.6.0 build but 1.6.1 will have it :slight_smile: