Omni-directional sphere emitter

This may be a bit of a silly question, but is there a way to create an E Sphere initially emit outwards in all directions with height velocity before bouncy will take over?

I’ve tried adding some constant vector emissions going outwards at source but they all seem to be contradicting each other.


Hi Cam,

sorry for the late reply, I totally forgot about it.
Yes as you already noticed its not trivial to get a fluid solver to emit outwards from a single point. Reason for that is it that its job is to avoid sinks in the flow by making it incompressible.
This said there is something we can add for you to allow emit sinks/pressure sources in the solver directly.
I’ll add that for one of the upcoming releases.


No problem at all. I got some assistance from an old colleague of mine at DD achieving something similar by using particle emission to drive velocity outwards.