Music video vfx for Devotchka

I picked up Eddy when I was working on a music video for Devotchka, and I couldn’t be more excited!!! I’ll make you watch the entire thing as there is over 80% of Eddy used across the entire thing!!! Nearly every single shot has some eddy sims / dust / cloud in it. During the shoot we had clear blue skies, so I added a ton of eddy clouds plus dust busters, dust bowls, smoke, dirt and debris.
Let me know what you think! All criticism welcome :slight_smile:

I directed, shot, edited, and composited the whole darn thing, and couldn’t have done it without Eddy’s quick workflows.



This is fantastic, thanks so much for sharing this!

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I appreciate it! Thanks for making a solid tool! I was going to do everything in Houdini, but then quickly realized that I needed something faster and with more iterations. EDDY is solid!!!

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Dude, well done!!
Fun watch and fun music, something to be proud of for sure.

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Thanks Frank, I appreciate it very much! It definitely gave me some chops to hop into Eddy and start creating from pretty much the first go. The music video has now won some film festivals for VFX!!! Super proud papa at this time :slight_smile:

Wow that was great to watch. So much Eddy! Loved all the volume rays especially.

Thanks for sharing

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Haha, I pushed back on the release because I “needed more Eddy!!!” :slight_smile:
Thanks Matt, I really appreciate it!