Lingering bar smoke

Hi all,
I’m trying to help a client with lingering smoke like this. Less like the emission from the cigarette, and more like the very slow moving lingering smoke, and those nice formations it settles on ive highlighted.

I was hoping @christoph or @andreas or anyone else would have any pointers in the overall setup? I.e. how the emitter would animate, shapes, preroll/timescale tricks, adding velocity, or anything like that. I’ve tried a lot of different setups with not a lot of luck.

Hm, tried replying in email but nothing happened, so here it is again (sorry if a double up does come through eventually):

I would be very interested in this sort of look as well.

I might be totally off but I think I’d attempt to not use a sim to start with but animate a noise field to distort a static volume.
Or is that a totally stupid idea?
Noob brain farting…

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That sounds like something to try sure.

I think it will be great to create volumes like this, there will be a lot of re-use potential of the resulting VDB caches.

or the resulting nuke scripts on nukepedia :wink:

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We may just need a couple of single VDB files for the initial state, then push some noise through it.
Might have a go today as well if I can make time.