Lighting with projections or textured geo

Hey all,

Currently we’re look deving a heavily atmo’d city at night time similar to the mood of blade runner. Typically when getting a fog pass or just using the depth to create that atmo we’ll blur and mult the lights in the RGB render by the atmo and plus it back on. I was talking to Matt and brainstorming a more procedural and more physically accurate approach beyond just putting area lights in the windows of the buildings where they’re turned on. Would it be possible to create something like a VrayLightMTL in Eddy? One that uses an assets texture and another that uses a camera projection maybe? That way you can get that naturalistic light scatter through the atmosphere that tracks to the lights procedurally as opposed to hand placing lights. Another good use for it could be if you had rough layout geo for a plate that had fire in it or you had a practical fire element on a card. The ability to inherit the light flicker from the fire in a plate via projections or a 2D texture of fire on a card seems incredibly powerful. I’m sure you can do something similar by creating a HDRI via the scanline render but I was thinking this might give you more precise control and give more detail in the light contribution. Anyways, just an idea. Thanks so much in advance.

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These are all good ideas. We’re planning on expanding the capabilities of the renderer significantly later on this year, so I’ve added these to the feature list to implement. Thanks for the suggestions.


Ahh thats awesome to hear!!! Thanks for chiming in Niall! That’s really exciting and will be incredibly helpful to get the elements sitting in the shot quicker and more accurately.

So while I’m working on this and digging farther into my shot, I had a couple of other ideas that might be helpful as well. Since one of the most powerful aspects of this is the rendering of the sims, allowing the compositor to have full control to integrate the volumes, if there was a way to add a texture input into the light you could have a pretty powerful and quick tool to get your volume to sit in. A good example might be to add a ramp into a quadlight. Mimicking a flag or a gobo for example. Or adding in some noise into the quadlight for more dappled lighting on the volume. Adding a texture, while this might sound crazy but really cool for a broader use of Eddy for motiongraphics artists, would be to add footage as a texture. Doing that could emulate a projector playing a moving through smoke and landing on the surface. The other thing I was curious about (and maybe it’s already possible and I’m just not sure how to do it) would be to create a custom eddy spotlight that would allow you to change the physical dimensions of the volume. I tried scaling the nuke spot but I wasnt seeing any results change with that. Understanding it may be a cheat, the ability to manually manipulate the throw of the light, scaling it down in z, and out in x (for example) might help to match a lighting setup in a plate quicker and easier mimicking a single shaft of light or something similar. Some way to manipulate it away from being a spotlight and also having the ability to throw a texture in there. Anyways, just a couple of ideas. As always thanks for your ears as well being so quick to respond. Keep up the great work. This tool is really helping to change the way we work.