Kicked up Dust Inheritting Momentum


Wondering the best way to get Eddy to Inherit Momentum from a mesh.
I am trying to create dust kicking up from when a footballers boot kicks a ball on a dusty surface. Looking to create some dust kick up from his foot movement. I want it to fire off from where his boot hits the ground. I have a matchmove of his boot.

I remember from an example shown from Matt of Crabs feet hitting the ground you had made a setup to do this. Cant find it on here though. Maybe you could show me to it?


Hi there Christian,
In my Megadesk examples there is a "footprint example’ setup, which takes an alembic file and a ground plane, and generates dust kickup from it.

The overall concept is create a field to emit dust, and then have the mesh collide with it. This combined with an Initial velocity field should get you there.

A few parts to point out.

  • The E_Collider node has a velocity input to calculate the correct momentum from your E_MeshToVolume
  • the initial velocity will no doubt also be important to your simulation. Don’t be scared to raise up velocity values till you notice the effect.
  • The above setup also masks by acceleration, so the character doesn’t emit dust while standing still. You may be able to just keyframe the emission to simplify this area, if its a single kick.
  • any questions let me know. Happy to look at any scripts to give advice if you are able to send them through.

Hi, sorry about the OT. I tried to follow the link to the Megadesk examples and I got this error:

Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private.

Are these examples no longer available?

Many thanks!