Just playing around

This is just me messing around trying to see how much detail I can get in a dense sim with a 3090. Makes me wonder how I did anything with a 2080ti. When the usable ram on a 2080ti gets clipped to 8-9gb as a starting point because of overhead, you really start to see what you’re missing out one when compared to 24gb of ram. This is just using a sphere multed with perlin noise and using nuke particles as top down velocity as well as a collider. Voxel size is .02. Min/Max steps 2/5. Sim time was just over an hour and render time was just under an hour at 720p with motionblur enabled and a single sun/sky dome as a light. Progressions set to 200. I’m going to have a go with trying to train models for noise and see if I can bypass a full highres render with high progressions and just try it out on a copycat model with about 10-16 frames. We’ll see. Anyways, enjoy!