Jacys To-Do list

Eddy target

  1. Destruction dust.
  2. Fire on building.
  3. Explosion bombing.
  4. Sand storm/large scale smoke.
  5. Ground interaction.
  6. Tornado. We might need deform the volume.
  7. Missile / rocket launch.

These goals sound great. Feel free to post your progress here, hopefully we can help along the way.

I noticed that if you exported the vdb from houdini 16, you will get this in nuke cmd line:
unsupported VDB file format (expected version 223 or earlier, got version 224)

Maybe it’s not a perfect example due to camera is slight shifted, but using same vdb cache Eddy does create more detail in render. Compared to VRay Volume Grid.

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First version of render test. Changing voxel size from 1 to 2 really takes the effect on render detail. But my GTX1080Ti couldn’t get the render thru x223. Render time 5-7 mins per frame with 1080p.

Made a better destruction dust with smoke shader. 10x faster than VRay Volume Grid.


Great work jacys! That’s some great render stats.

I am fixing some internal blast and next version I would like to try more smoke shader setup and share the nk file in future. People likes to be scene file police!

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Same setup from cloud lookdev. Spent some time to find a good remap curve for temperature. Using Fire channel from FumeFX data.

Average render time ~3 mins a frame with 4K resolution.

Using NVIDIA GTX1080Ti.

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Ground interaction is almost ready. Integrated with Houdini.