Issues with speed/interactivty

Hey all
I just stated playing with Eddy (1.8) and Im having a tough time.
Every video i see of people using Eddy talks about how speedy it is, and it looks to be quite interactive and sometimes almost real time playback in the videos. For me, no matter what I do, its INCREDIBLY slow - to the point of being unusable.

Im not sure if its something I’ve done wrong, a step i missed in setting ti up, or if its just my rig cant handle it.

I have an intel xenon cpu (E5-2680 v2 2.8ghz, 32cpus
128gb ram
nvidia quadro K4000 4096mb memory

I would have assumed this would all be decent enough to get SOME use out of eddy considering what else i can do on this machine - not sure if the card just isnt enough?

The memory HUD tells me usually somewhere along the lines of a few hundred MB - 2000mb in use of 3072 from eddy - but again both in 3d and 2d im getting roughly 1 frame every 3s (start of simulation) and as i get 20 frames deep in the sim its more 1 frame per 10s+ even with the render on low and low resolutions on everything

Wondering if anyone has some advice to make this better? Or if it just is what it is for me.

Hi there,
Although that’s a nice machine, all that matters really for Eddy is your GPU.

The K4000 isn’t really ideal for Eddy. Although 3 or 4 gig vram is enough to do small-medium sized effects, it only has 768 CUDA cores.

Most of the videos and demos i’ve created on a gtx1080ti which in comparison has 3584 CUDA cores.

Generally the minimum i recommend is a GTX1070 in the 10 series or a P4000 in the Quadro range, but the bigger the better.

Hope this helps.
Matt B