Is it possible to render shadows yet in eddy?

I thought there was talk of being able to get a shadow pass (contact shadows on ground etc) in eddy. Does anyone have any thoughts or updates on that?

Not yet, but this one of the features being targeted for the next major release. We’ll probably announce an alpha version here when it gets closer to release.


Looking forward to it!
Also, do you know if there are any issues with eddy made vdb sequences? I tried to bring those into vray to run some shadows (vray for nuke), and it gives me errors for any vdb I tried. I can give more input but wanted to check if that’s a know issue or if I’m not setting up the exports correctly. I can bring those vdbs back into eddy without any issues, just not into vray.


Hi Marcin,

What are the error messages from vray? It might just be that vray is using an older version of OpenVDB, and doesn’t know how to read the newer vdb’s saved from Eddy. We haven’t tested vray, but other packages such as Houdini 17.5 will load Eddy vdbs fine.


How far off are we talking for shadows from volumes?
In a lot of shots its a pretty big deal breaker for final rendering in Nuke with Eddy renderer.
I am using Vray for most renders now and it does show some vdb version errors in the command output but seems to work fine otherwise.
Loving Eddy otherwise!

We don’t have a firm release date for this yet, but it is still planned and worked on as part of the next major release. It’s combined with lots of other improvements to the renderer, not just for shadows, so we’re looking forward to getting this into your hands!


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