Initial state for volumes?

Is there any easy way to do initial state frame or something like that?

what I’m trying to do is let’s say I have a still volume and I want to disrupt it with moving object.
How would I approach it? The way I understood it, in order to sim I have to emit something to create volume for solver. I didn’t figured out a way of just feeding in solver pre-exisiting volume.

Is it also possible to disrupt vdb cache from houdini for example?
I did played a bit with that and found work around that kinda worked for my case but it was a cheat so most probably would not work for all cases.
What I did is I emitted my volume from houdini vdb cache and resimmed it in eddy.
It was looking very close to what houdini cache looked like but was interacting with collider.


HI Tim,

I assume you just want a filepath, so you can easily specify a .vdb file to use upon reset of the element node as an initial state ? We already had that in 1., but got dropped when we moved to the new 2. API.

Happy to add this back in.


yes something like that would be nice. Also would be great if you could save it from eddy too.

Is there a way to sim volumes without emmiting anything? For example density came from vdb or volume compositing operations and now you just want to put a jet through the cloud or move object through residual smoke in the air.

I’ll add the initial state volume for you, then you just need to specify the jet as a collider and that should be it.

Hope I understood this correctly.

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I think you got it
Thank you in advance.

and apologies for my bad English.


no worries at all. Thats all done and hope it works as advertised :slight_smile: