Increasing Smoke Scale

Hey, I can’t remember how to adjust the scale of a smoke volume so that it looks less whispy and more volcanic without having to change the scale of the scene. Thanks!

Hi there,
There is a couple of ways to go about this, you can emit more density by raising up the value of the channel before the E_Emitter node. Something like 20-50 in the E_Mask will give you thick looking results at most any scale. You can also turn up the gain on the E_Emitter or multiply you density by an e_constant value.

The other way is to adjust scattering or extinction coefficient in the E_Shader, putting it above 10 or so will “fake” the high density.

Its better to do it in the sim as the turbulence and animation will usually look better, but adjusting the shader you don’t have to re-sim.

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Additionally, bringing up the density channel will also increase its energy, so you may need to lower buoyancy values in the E_Element.