Import eddy python api

Using Eddy 2.0.2, win 7, Nuke 11.2v5.

I’m trying to import eddy. However this seems to be impossible before creating an actual Eddy node.
Creating a node adds the python folder to sys.path. I’ve tried adding the python folder to PYTHONPATH and I can technically import eddy but the content of the module differs completely from the eddy module that is available once a node is created. The eddy module after creating a Node is a built-in which I find a little concerning as well.

Can you clarify how we can make the python API available correctly?
(Apologies if this is already in the documentation, I wasn’t able to find it).

Hi, I’ve already replied to your support email but for anyone else running into this issue, you’ll need to download the EddySDK package from your client portal. This is a separate download to the EddyForNuke package. The Eddy python API runs in a standard python interpreter, accessing the python API through Nuke’s python is not supported and won’t work correctly.

If you don’t see the EddySDK download on your client portal, send us a mail at and we’ll enable it.