Houdini + Eddy explosion

Awesome theres a gallery here now!
Heres something I made this weekend.
Houdini rigid body sim brought into Eddy as alembic collider and emitter.

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Wow!!! How did you make the holdout in nuke? I am still puzzling how to make my destruction render with proper holdout for Eddy sim…

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You can plug your holdout mesh into the E_Holdout node, then connect the E_Holdout to the E_Render node. Hopefully that does the trick, as always let us know if there’s something missing! :slight_smile:


Cheers Niall. Is there a trick to get motion blur in in your holdout? I had trouble matching my destruction render and just made a sneaky black background version of this.

I’ll render deep next time for something like this but was just wondering.


I think that is what the holdout pipe in the E_Shader node is for?!

Just had another go. I can only get a vector field to plug into the holdout plug on shader, but it seems to do nothing.

docs say “The optional holdout channel is used to specify the extinction of a translucent holdout. For an opaque holdout, use the holdout node instead.”

The holdout plug on the E_Shader is for volumetric holdouts, e.g. if you wanted to holdout a volume that had previously been rendered, you could load the cache of that volume and plug in the extinction value to the shader. Don’t think it’s a feature used very often.

There’s currently no motion blur on holdouts, but it’s on the planned feature list.

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Thanks for clarification Niall

I must have been dreaming then, was sure I had done this before.