Holdout not working

Hi guys,

I need to get three sims rendered very soon today so am a bit under the gun.
For some reason the holdout is not working for me anymore though, below is a screen shot.
I tried using both the mesh and the channel pipe for the E_Holdout node but it just has no effect:

What am I missing?


Hm, had to write out the holdout branch as abs and bring it back in to make it work:

Hey frank.
For the Blues crab shots i did have this issue pop up occasionally. I found if i recreated the holdout node and/or restarted Nuke (not sure which the fix was) it would start working again.

The node setup you have shouldn’t need to be written out, I’ve used similar setups heaps. Glad its working now though.


ok, thanks for confirming, will work it out