Geo out of Maya as a collider

Is there a way with Eddy to import some geo and have it as a collider? I’m just diving into eddy, but I haven’t yet seen anything about this.

To use a mesh as a collider in Eddy, it has to be first converted to a volumetric format. The E_MeshToVolume node will do this for you. It converts the mesh into a voxelized SDF volume, and if the mesh is animated it will create a velocity volume as well.

Connect your mesh (e.g. from a Nuke ReadGeo node) to the E_MeshToVolume node, then connect two E_Channel nodes to the output of that. Set one of the E_Channel nodes to get the ‘distance’ channel which is the SDF, and the other to get the ‘velocity’ channel. Then connect both the channels to your E_Collider node.

It’s important to set the feature size (or voxel size) in the MeshToVolume node. Too small and it will run slow and use too much memory, too large and it won’t capture details of the mesh. Also a closed mesh will work better, if the mesh is open then it will be wrapped in a shell which is not usually wanted.

Thanks Niall,
got pretty far with figure that stuff out. I’m starting to understand where things are and how things work. I’m working on a general atmosphere inside a chamber type place with just a little bit of turbulence. Right now I’m just emitting a noise from an E_image, but I have to use a lot of preroll because it’s so slow to fill the room. Normally I would use a volume box to create a room of atmo. It’s there another way that you’d suggest?