Flaming sword test

Just sharing a flaming sword tests I’ve been tinkering with this week. ( How good was GOT! )

This is using texture to volume setup, emitting on the sword blade, with pretty much default combustion settings.
The emitter shape was too visible and hot in the first revision, I was able to use the original blade field as a mask to tweak the temp after caching.
Any feedback suggestions welcome,
For next revision, I want to:

  • fix the emitter shape, to be tighter to the blade and more convincing.
  • render out the character properly, as scanline render sucks. I also had a lot of trouble lining up holdouts with scanline render result. (anyone else had that?)
  • fix the density/dissipation. I had way too low density values in the sim so the dissipation is too intense. I’ll bring up the Fuel Carbon Amount and balance it out in AOV land.

Cheers all.