Example scripts


I was wondering whether there are some example scripts available. I used to use Eddy quite a bit around v1.5 / v1.6, but apart from following it casually, I haven’t had to use it as intensively since.

I remember the Eddy MegaDesk nuke scripts that contained a variety of examples, however, as we are now on v2 a lot of that stuff is outdated (though I understand that the basics are still the same ofc). Same applies to the examples posted on this forum (most of the stuff was don’t on Eddy 1 and some of the download links are dead).

Is there an updated version of the MegaDesk script available? (I’m on Eddy v2.3).


Hi Wouter,

There’s a folder of example scripts included in the Eddy download, these are deliberately quite simple but they are kept up to date with the most recent version.

The MegaDesk script was made by our Intraware reseller, so if you purchased through them then you could contact them to see if they have an updated version.