Error: Nothing is named "Tracker6"

Hey smart people, I’m down to the wire with my eddy comp and all of a sudden, my nukex 11.1 crashed and when I reopen, I get Error: Nothing is named “Tracker_6_Fucked” and like 60% of my comp is missing — weeks of work. Something was off with that tracker a few versions back which is why it’s named that, but it’s really important and linked to several roto layers. Has anyone dealt with this before? I’m attempting to edit the script and do some surgery. Thanks

Seemed to be corrupt expressions, I had to Frankenstein my comp back together from earlier versions and backups, I would be SCREWED without those.

so all solved? I was about to check it out

ok it doesn’t seem to be solved now. so my comp is currently open and looking fine. however, after i made a new track and re-connected all roto layer expressions and saved a new file, the same Nothing is named error pops up for the same tracker. i’ll post an updated copy

So long as my comp stays open and I can re-stabelize whatever it’s being corrupted by, i’m in the clear

can you post a screen shot if what the script should look like?
I get this when I open it:

12%20PM There you go, i’m starting to think i overloaded the one tracker with linked expressions so i’m breaking it up now.

I figured it out!! It was linking that one expression to the heat distortion gizmo that effed it all up!!! son of a bitch!

Oh but it’s all good, I deleted the node using a text editor and got all my work back!

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Cool, glad to hear it

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