Element/Shader crashes nuke activating drop downs for selections

  • Latest (need to confirm with IT)

  • Nuke 11.2v3

  • Windows 10

  • GPU (need to confirm with IT)

  • Graphics driver (need to confirm with IT)

  • I am able to reproduce the bug without fail.

  • Create the e_element or e_shader node, which defaults to smokeSparse and smoke respectively. Use drop down menu to change to anything else. For example use drop down to change to combustionSparse in the e_element node.

  • Nuke crashes every time. If I import an example script that was provided that already has this e_element or e_shader already selected for me, I have no issues. It seems to be happening when triggering the drop down menu for selection, and not necessarily an issue with said selection.

Thanks for the bug report. Are there any messages in the log window when Nuke crashes? Send us the entire log if you can, send to support@vortechsfx.com if you don’t want to post it here.


So on creation of E_element node this message appears in the error console:

Warning: E_Element3: Knob:reset_needed. Setting knob values from validate is not supported and may cause unexpected behaviour.

Other than that, there is nothing I can see as using drop downs to select anything, other than default load option, crashes Nuke and nothing in the terminal window states anything. The bug report created by Nuke doesn’t present any relevant information either.

I am currently having our pipeline decode the Nuke crash report to try to get more information. Just not sure when I will get a response.