Element "combustionparse"

Hi everyone

my question might not belong here so i apologies

I am playing around and want to setup a simple fire set up

if my shot start frame 1 ( for example) and i want the combustion well advanced ( time wise) : we start the shot with already a tall smoke , combustion on it’s way … I should change the start frame for something like [shot’s first frame] - 10 or 15 frames , right ? i tried and it sort of break the sim.
if anyone could give me an advice ?

many thanks


In lots of studios, they start the shot plate at frame 1001 to be able to have some preroll before the first frame,
I don’t know if packages like houdini or maya works with negative values in frames.

Hi guys,

At the top of the Element node you can set the simulation start frame to whatever you like 1001 etc. This will allow you to do a preroll.

You can also turn on Cache Vector Channels, and then use Initial state system. Initial state is covered here in this video

Thank you very much for your prompt response .

I already_ before sending this note tried the first Technic : obvious and logical
the problem is …i no longer can cache my sim , nothing happen anymore ( despite i follow all he step from tutorial)

the second : smart ! love it ! but unfortunately i can’t render ! i followed any single step as shown in the tutorial but nope,
can’t render either cache or initial cache.

any suggestion ?

HI grumpy, I would need to see your .nk file to give more insight. Feel free to share it here and i’ll take a look.