EddyNuke[ERROR ] - EVALUATION ERROR: Traceback


I’m trying to add E_Distort on alembic geo source. It crushed my nuke every time. As long as I turn off E_Distort in this script, it went through very well. Here is a screen capture. Not sure what’s the problem. Is there anything wrong in my script?

EddyNuke[ERROR ] - EVALUATION ERROR: Traceback (most recent call last):
File “C:/Program Files/vortechsfx/Eddy_for_Nuke-2.3.0+24.8d9a54f.dev.e.57.78013bd2.dev-nuke11.3-win64/nodeScripts/elements/SparseSmokeElement.py”, line 204, in evaluate
rasterize_emitters(element, “density”, density_emitters, dt_scale)
ValueError: vector too long

  • which then caused:
    Node::evaluate failed for node ‘E_Element3’, plug ‘element’.
    Eddy[INFO] - Inserting 744 new buckets. Sparse grid now has 744 active buckets
    Eddy[INFO] - Inserting 1840 new bucke
  • Eddy version: Eddy_for_Nuke-2.3.0+24.8d9a54f.dev.e.57.78013bd2.dev-nuke11.3-win64
  • Nuke version: Nuke11.3
  • Operating system: Win 10 64bit
  • GPU model: RTX2070
  • Graphics driver version
  • Is the bug reproducible? Does it happen every time, occasionally, or only once?
  • Steps to reproduce the bug
  • What happens, versus what you expected to happen.

HI Jiacheng,

It’s most likely due to the fact that the bounding box expansion due to the distort node is quite large, which can generate an excessive amount of buckets. Can you reduce the bbox parameter or the distortion amount and see if it persists?
Also if you can share the .nk file we can look into it. Just send it to support@vortechsfx.com.


Hi Niall,

Awesome! After I added a sep Bounds, it works very well.
Thank you so much for the quick respons.

Many thanks,