EddyElement Node in Example scripts not working

EddyElement nodes always prompts to “Reset” and when you reset them nothing happens.

What would cause this? Have not been able to get an EddyElement node to produce any type of result.

Running eddy 2.0.2 on linux.


Hi Brian,

The reset button is used to clear the cached data and start a new simulation, when you have changed parameters. Are the example scenes that use an EddyElement node not working for you? All you should need to do is connect the viewer to the render node and press play, no need to manually reset.

To view the simulation in the visualizer you’ll need to connect the viewer to the E_Channel node. Connecting the viewer to the E_Element will not show anything as the element contains multiple channels.

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That helped, Looks like I just needed to press play to get it going. I wasn’t getting any results by just scrubbing the timeline.

No problem. By the way we have a new series of training videos which might help when getting started with Eddy. They’re available here: https://www.vortechsfx.com/resources/