Eddy2 auto cache doesn't work after rendering


I just ran my first Eddy2 script (thanks to Matt for helping out once again).
I got a E_Cache node under the E_Element node which is set to “Nuke Auto Cache path”.
The render finished ok, and I assumed the new cache node would be writing through the vdb cache as it rendered. However, going back now and jumping to a certain frame while looking at E_Render just yields black (where the render is fine). There does seem to be some volume data in teh 3D viewer though. Am I just expecting the wrong thing and i still should explicitly pre-cache my vdbs?


I always explicitly write a cache if I’m not just previewing, but I would have thought your autocache would be useable in that case. It may be something else making the black frames.

Happy to test the behaviors here if you want to send me your current version.

Hm, I think I’m expecting the wrong thing.
I had hoped that an inline cache node would write out the VDBs as I am either playing back the downstream render in the viewer or explicitly rendering (images), that way the VDBs would already be there if I deem the render successful.
But it looks like it’s always a two step process - preview then cache or cache then preview.

The E_Cache node currently has two different modes, which behave quite differently.

In auto cache mode, the VDB files are stored in Nuke’s internal cache, and are written automatically as the simulation proceeds. It will also load previous VDB cache files when jumping back to previous frames.

Without auto caching, when you specify the filename, the E_Cache node will never write or read any caches automatically. It will only write when the node is executed with the WriteCache button.

It sounds like adding a third mode would be a good idea. This mode would behave like auto caching but would allow you to specify the filename of the saved cache files instead of storing in Nuke’s internal cache.

Yes, that sounds like the ticket.
When auto-caching, where exactly do the vdbs go? Could I at least copy them after the fact?
I couldn’t find any vdbs in Nuke’s cache directory so I’m guessing they are not stored as such?