Eddy with RTX3090


Just checking to see if anyone has had any issues with using Eddy with a RTX3090? I just recently installed one and I’m getting this error every time it tries to sim or render something. This is running Eddy 2.8.1. I’ve updated my drivers as my 2080ti wasnt working with my 3090. After updating the drivers and a fresh install of them as well, I’m now able to use both, 3090 and 2080ti. However Eddy is still having issues. Support is working on it right now, I just figured I’d throw it out there in case other people had the same issue, they will have a place to go to add their experience.

CUDA driver API error code=701(CUDA_ERROR_LAUNCH_OUT_OF_RESOURCES) too many resources requested for launch

Machine specs

AMD Threadripper 3990x
256gb of ram
Air Cooler
EVGA 1600w PSU

Thanks so much in advance!