Eddy viewer workflow


After my first steps with this promising plugin, I was wondering how is the workflow with the viewer for people who works usually with 1 panel in the properties bin.

When I was working, it seems that it doesn’t matter where the viewer node is plugged, I couldn’t see anything except if the tool is opened in the properties tab.

Is there any way to be leaded by the viewer node and not depending if the tool’s properties is open or not?

Many thanks

I agree. Currently Eddy is not adhering to Nuke’s viewer concepts as much as it should.
I.e. Always see what the viewer is hooked up to (and upstream stuff if “appropriate”) plus see any node who’s panel is open.
This has been discussed with the guys so hopefully it will become more intuitive and consistent in the future.


Thanks Frank for the answer.
I will try to get use to until a future update :slight_smile:

Hi all - I’ve been experiencing similar problems. I end up randomly clicking and visualizing different nodes to try to get the sim to display in the viewport.
Is there some kind of guide as to what behaviour to expect from the visualiser…?

Im uploading a new tutorial series at the moment. The first video covers some of this. Watch this space.

Basically you just clear the properties pane and view only the channels you want to see. Channel (density) or Channel (velocity), then there’s parameters you can tweak in the visualizer tabs.

Yep - I found that having just 1 pane in the properties viewer helped make things clearer, but instinctively I would have expected to see the node connected to the view and be able to select and adjust other nodes in the graph without refreshing the view.

… and I will also take a look at those new tutorials… thanks!