Eddy utilizing only a single GPU?

I got Eddy running on CentOS 7.4, seems pretty performant, but it appears to only be using a single GPU.

Is there a way to get Eddy to recognize multiple GPUs? Or is there a setting I’ve missed? In Nuke’s prefs, under Hardware, I have ‘Enable Multiple GPU support’ enabled.

Vortechs guys, please correct me if I’m wrong, but afaik Eddy currently only supports single GPU but it’s on the to-do list to support multiple ones.

Yes thats right Frank, multi GPU support is being worked on. You can render on multi GPUs on the network, but only one GPU per system currently. Deadline now supports his out of the box.

Any ETA for multi-GPU support?

Hi Adrian, I’m unsure of an ETA on this.

@christoph @ronnie any ideas?

Hi Adrian,

we plan to release Eddy 2.0 by the end of Q1 2018. This date might move, but fingers crossed we can largely adhere to this. Things are looking good already and we hope we can have a beta for customers soon.
One of the upcoming features in Eddy2.0 is full multi gpu support for rendering and simulation through NvLink and PCI interconnects.
Out of curiosity what type of multi gpu hardware setups are you most interesting in supporting ?

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Sorry for the late reply.

Currently, I’m operating on Google Cloud with between 1-4 P100’s directly attached to the VM. I am curious if I can perform some sort of distributed rendering on external VMs with attached GPUs (either K80’s or P100’s).

We have plans for different accelerators, but they’re not publicly announced yet. I can tell you that we will be offering NVLink, in addition to PCI interconnects.