Eddy test - Explosion from Fumefx VDB

Finally got my first explosion render done done done.

There is a popping issue seems like it actually came from Fumefx bad vdb export. I did remap the temp to get nice color inside the fire. Also due to fumefx vdb they export velocity as three scalar value, so I dont have any motion blur on it, will try to fix this in next version.

I did VRay render with this cost ~4h per frame. Now only 5 mins a frame… jeez…


Wow that is some great render times! :smiley: Hopefully you can find the transform issues, that doesn’t look like an Eddy bug to me.

For the FumeFX velocity channels, you need to use this setup with the E_Component to convert the XYZ scalar channels to a vector channel. Script attached also.

Great work so far, thanks for sharing!
fume_setup.nk (4.4 KB)


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Lovely, thanks for the tip! I will try in next version!