Eddy for Nuke 2.7.0

Eddy for Nuke 2.7.0 has now been released, please download it from your client portal.

This release contains more particle nodes allowing new workflows.

New features:

  • E_ParticleAdvect allows to passively advect Eddy particles through a volume.
  • E_ParticleAge ages and deletes particles past their lifespan.
  • E_ParticleEmitter allows emission of Eddy particles from Nuke geometry.
  • E_ParticleForce allows the accumulation of forces from arbitrary Eddy vector volumes onto particles.
  • E_ParticleIntegrate integrates all forces and acceleration and advances the particles to the next time step.
  • E_ParticleSetValue allows modification of arbitrary particle channels via uniform or randomized values.
  • E_ParticleToVolume now also accepts native Eddy particles as input.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed file path expansion issue in E_InstanceItemVolumeCache
  • Fixed bug in E_ParticleCache node writing inconsistently
  • Fixed quantization issue when using certain FPS rates.
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