Eddy for Nuke 2.6.0

Eddy for Nuke 2.6.0 has now been released, please download it from your client portal.

New features:

  • Thermal Diffusion in combustion solvers.
  • Improved VDB cache loader performance.
  • New Instancing system:
    • E_Callsheet allows combination of different sources.
    • E_InstanceItem allows instancing of different source types.
    • E_InstanceItemVariant selects a specific variant of an instance item.
    • E_InstanceItemVolumeCache allows instancing of VDB cache sequences with automatic per instance level of detail generation and time control.
    • E_Instancer generates the final instance collection from the instancing node network.
    • E_InstanceChannel extracts a single channel from an instance collection
    • E_InstanceChannelset extracts a channelset from an instanced collection.
    • E_ParticleInstance will allow placement and selection of instances via particles.
    • E_RandomInstance will allow placement of instances via Axis nodes.
  • E_ParticleSystem converts a Nuke particle system into Eddy’s particle system.
  • E_ParticleExpressions allows execution of per particle expressions on Eddy particles via C++/EddyScript
  • E_ParticleCache support for writing OpenVDB points from an Eddy particle system.
  • E_ParticleCacheLoader loading of OpenVDB points into an Eddy particle system.
  • E_ParticleVisualizer for rendering Eddy particles in OpenGL.
  • Missing file handling options added to E_CacheLoader and E_ParticleCacheLoader

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed transform bug in E_Component.

Note : Due to a complete design change the new instancing system is a replacement for the old volume instancer node and not backwards compatible.