Eddy for Nuke 2.3.0

Eddy for Nuke 2.3.0 has now been released, please download it from your client portal.

New features:

  • Added E_CreateGridBounds node to refine or coarsen bounding boxes hierarchically.
  • Added E_PruneBounds node to remove individual bounds via a field sampling criterion.
  • Added E_ChannelSet which allows channels to be combined into a ChannelSet, e.g. for writing to a cache.
  • E_SunSky now supports ozone absorption, producing a bluer sky when the sun is low.
  • Improved performance of E_SunSky.
  • Added viewer toolbar reset button, and reset tree button to element.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed bug where drawing upstream nodes caused evaluation issues.
  • Fixed bug when using Viewer proxy resolutions in conjunction with E_Image nodes.
  • Fixed a CUDA version check.
  • Fixed logging output being disabled by CameraTracker node.
  • Fixed cache node execution issue.
  • Fixed undo not working issue.
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