Eddy for Nuke 1.6.0

Eddy for Nuke 1.6.0 has now been released, please download it from your client portal.

New features:

  • AOVs - new E_RenderAOV and E_LightGroup nodes. Added new examples to show usage.
  • Holdouts have “Is Primary Visible” flag. Allows holdout to block light without rendering as matte object.
  • Added controls for deep sample size and limit on sample count.
  • EddyEnvironment node has now an additional color knob
  • Nuke Scene nodes supported as inputs to the render node for gathering lights/E_LightGroups/E_RenderAOV nodes.
  • Overscan controls added to render node.
  • Added shell thickness controls to MeshToVolume node.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed issue when using emission with zero feature size
  • Fixed issue where VDBCacheLoader caused first frame of commandline renders to be black
  • PerlinNoise seed is fixed
  • Fixed bug that caused enum dropdowns to ignore default value.

Other changes worth mentioning:

  • No longer adding eddy to the main nuke menu bar.