Eddy for Nuke 1.5.0

Eddy for Nuke 1.5.0 has now been released, please download it from your client portal.

New features:

  • Axis input support for camera and all lights
  • Improved padding algorithm for sparse grids
  • Added implicit vector blur to distort node
  • Added preliminary uv support on mesh voxelizer ( currently only continuous uvs are supported )
  • Added uv lookup support to image field
  • Improved loading speed of vdb files
  • Out of memory checks on vdb loader/writer
  • Holdout node supports array mesh input
  • Added EddyEnvironment light to replace nuke’s environment light ( which can cause crashes )
  • Implicit feature size now defaults to zero, this is now the safest option and will always produce correct results. Setting this to a non-zero value is only required when trying to optimize implicit rendering with raymarching integrators.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed implicit velocity field
  • Camera projection matrix in image field matches now Nuke’s
  • Fixed issue in pressure solver causing aliasing in fast moving areas
  • Fixed crash when large deep render output buffer was generated
  • Fixed a spectral decomposition bug when used with sparse volumes
  • Supervoxels are now disabled correctly when the volume is not very sparse.
  • Fixed a bug which sometimes made it difficult to impossible to render sequences using a nuke writer node.
  • Fixed bug in distort node so that it now produces the correct result in all modes.

Breaking changes:

  • Holdout node input order has been reversed. Existing nuke scripts using the holdout node will have to be reconnected.