Eddy[ERROR] - VDBCacheLoader: Value type: int32 is currently not supported

Hi there,

I was trying to render my destruction in 3dsMax VRay and export out my VDB from fumefx to Eddy for rendering purpose, also trying a workflow between 3dsMax and Eddy. But seems like it doesn’t like my VDB for some reason…

Nuke file (Thanks to Matt for simplify it)

VDB x1050

Deep Render of destruction

  • Eddy version
  • Nuke version
  • Operating system
  • GPU model
  • Graphics driver version
  • Is the bug reproducible? Does it happen every time, occasionally, or only once?
    every time
  • Steps to reproduce the bug
    just open my file
  • What happens, versus what you expected to happen.
    Its crashing eddys deep rendering for whatever reason.
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