E_render produces black frames with preceding Transform node

eddy_black_render_issue.nk (19.1 KB)

When I use a Transform node between Write node and E_Render node Eddy often renders black frames. I am not certain if this is a Eddy or a Nuke bug but I haven’t seen it before.
Note that the Write node is also set to autocrop which may or may not factor into this.
Scrit attached.

  • Eddy version 2.2.2
  • Nuke version 11.3v2
  • Operating system Centos 7
  • GPU model GTX 1080 ti
  • Graphics driver version 418.56

Hi Frank,

will add a ticked for this this, but sounds like this could be a Nuke bug.


HI Frank,

I had a look at your scene. the issue seems to be your transform node. From what i can see you set the scale to 0. Removing the keyframe and setting the scale back to 1.0 brings back the image. Not sure if this was set accidentally as I see no other keys on that parameter.



Hi Christoph,

that was just a hiccup when I saved selected nodes as a nk file and forgot to include the parent tracker node. But I do think you are on the right track. It seems like the expression links to the tracker node break during rendering at times, which would have the same effect.
I have since re-jigged my Eddy setup to use a camera instead so am not using the tracker.transform combo any longer anyway.
If this was the culprit I guess it would be a Nuke bug anyway, so let’s ignore this for now.
Thanks for looking into it.