E_render ignores / loses e_environment light


after a while, seemingly at random the E_environment light seems to become ineffective / lost.
Other lights are still illuminating the volume.

Sometimes it comes back on when the light intensity gets changed but often the only recourse is to restart nuke (lately it starts to be more and more restarts before it kicks back in again).

Disconnecting all other lights leaves a black, unilluminated volume.

Any ideas?

  • Eddy version: Eddy_for_Nuke-2.1.0-nuke11.1-win64
  • Nuke version: 11.1v2
  • Operating system: MS Windows 10 pro 64bit 10.0.17134
  • GPU model: GeForce RTX2080
  • Graphics driver version: 411.70

Hi Enrico,

This sounds similar to a bug we previously fixed with the E_Image node. The issue there was with the error handling code. When this happens, are there perhaps other nodes in the graph with an “Error” state? If you could send us a copy of the console log next time this happens that might also be helpful in tracking it down (you can send to support@vortechsfx.com instead of on the forum).


This should now be fixed in Eddy for Nuke 2.2.2.