E_Holdout and Animated geo

Eddy 2.7.2
NUKE 12.2v2
Windows 10

The E_Holdout does not update without constantly throwing errors. Seems to happen anytime an alembic changes it’s position data. I had this happen in Eddy 2.4.2 occasionally, but it seems to constantly error out on 2.7.2. If you apply a transformgeo node or if an alembic has Scale/trans/rot keyframes it errors out on every frame as if the holdout node is not able to refresh the data.


Thanks for reporting this. I’ll jump onto this right away.


OK this will be fixed in the next release. Let me know if this is urgent and we can send you a dev build before the upcoming 2.8 release.


No it’s not super urgent. We currently have the earlier version of Eddy installed for our Nuke 11 since our pipeline guys were having crashing issues with 2.7.2 on Nuke 11. So, if I really need the EHoldouts, I can run it in Nuke 11.